User Group Rules

Guidelines to avoid being ejected from the user chat group

  1. Be courteous, and ask nicely.
  2. Do not bully other user group subscribers.
  3. No spam or solicitations.
  4. No JIRA links, viewer links, or similar promotions.
  5. Stay on topic of questions pertaining to Hippo Technologies offerings.
  6. Do not promote competitive products or services.
  7. Do not defame Hippo Technologies products, services, or staff.
  8. Do not spread panic, inflame negative rumors, or repeat hearsay which may be perceived as defamatory to Hippo Technologies products, services, or staff.
  9. Please use “G” rated conversation (no swearing or adult subjects).

Upgrade to group role “Members Only” for the ability to join in group chat.  The Members Only role is exclusively available to hippoGROUPS Framework subscribers.   To request a Members Only role for yourself, please submit a ticket at